The Learning Planet Institute is committed to developing a campus life and bringing out new ways to engage its community around sustainability issues.

The Living Campus initiative is a project that cuts across all of the Learning Planet Institute's activities. This program aims to support and promote actions for awareness and development of sustainable activities and to invite students to take part in decision-making processes in higher education. It also provides opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities within clubs to carry out projects that integrate a research approach. All these actions are embodied in three concepts:

A sober campus

This is a major focus of the work of the team in charge of this initiative. The goal is to study and limit the consumption of energy, water and material resources related to our activities. Sobriety on campus also means taking into account purchasing practices and the externalities linked to our operations, such as pollutant emissions and waste. A follow-up of these consumptions is generalized in order to question our real needs in resources and to identify solutions to move towards more sobriety.

An engaging campus

In the campus, we strive to foster a culture of sharing, listening, caring and inclusiveness so that everyone feels confident to express themselves, to carry out projects and to participate serenely in the life of the community. To this end, monthly sharing sessions are dedicated to students and employees (open-forum and student open-forum) in order to present certain projects, to bring up any remarks, to debate, etc. Most of the projects developed at the Learning Planet Institute are built collaboratively and students are regularly invited to join in.

A learning campus

The campus is a privileged place for all of the institution's stakeholders to meet, exchange and collaborate. It is also the main workplace for students and staff. Our ambition is to make this space useful in everyone's daily learning.

Thus, the Living Campus initiative participates in this work by supporting students in their projects and clubs, and by co-constructing an awareness program. We want to empower and offer the opportunity to people on campus to take ownership of the premises during dedicated workshops, with the aim that each person can, if they wish, leave their mark in the campus.

  • 350 students each year
  • +50 nationalities
  • 12000 visitors each year
  • one team dedicated to make the campus more responsable
  • 1200m² of laboratories
  • >100 events in the campus each year
  • >15 students clubs