The Learning Planet Institute welcomes about 300 students each year, at least 60% of whom are international students. In order to provide equal opportunities to foreign students who have to complete numerous administrative procedures, the Learning Planet Institute offers group workshops between May and November on different topics: opening of health insurance rights, validation of the Student Visa, renewal of the Residence Permit, opening of rights at the CAF and other everyday procedures that foreign students must undertake to better enjoy their stay. In addition to these workshops, guides are made available where all the indications of how to carry out these administrative steps in all autonomy are gathered.

Jobs / Get Involved


Find internship and trainings periods with the opportunities platform !


Many of you are involved in NGOs, both on and off campus, to support the causes that are dear to you. LPI would like to introduce you to, the public platform for volunteering which gathers missions from 5,000 NGOs. Your time, background and experiences will be very helpful !

❓What are the benefits of student volunteering ❓

  • The feeling of being really useful to society, by helping people who need it.
  • The pleasure of meeting new people and sharing good times!
  • New skills to put on your curriculum, and a glimpse at certain professional sectors... which could give you ideas for the future.

Don't hesitate to spread the word around you and to sign up for a mission with your friends. Helping together is even better !

  • Learning Planet Institute APPS : All the apps that you need (Project, People, HR platform, communication channels...)

  • Arrival to France : This guide provides information to foreign students about procedures to do before their arrival to France. You can contact Yaneth Ramos ( for more information.

  • International student guide : This guide is a checklist of what you need to do after your arrival in France. You can contact Yaneth Ramos ( for more information.

  • Mental health support : This document is a list of mental health services. Be sure that the Learning Planet Institute staff is at your disposal if you have questions and/or need support.

  • Covid19 living in France : This document is here to help you during the Covid crisis (advice, phone numbers in case of emergency, healthcare system in France, French government directives, Université de Paris measures).