Students can create clubs on a wide range of topics of their choice as extracurricular activities and projects, which are not imposed by anyone but themselves. However clubs activities must be linked to the Learning Planet Institute purpose and activity on learning, digital, life science and Research.

Clubs can mix all communities: students (B, M, D, DUs, …), researchers, teachers or other Learning Planet Institute staff members, external people can be accepted as members.

Why Learning Planet Institute supports students clubs?

  • Clubs participate in the Learning Planet Institute’s influence on its current fields of exploration;
  • Students develop competencies and soft-skills within the club members and the Learning Planet Institute community;
  • Clubs reinforce the bonding between the Learning Planet Institute community (collaboration with the research team, other Learning Planet Institute department or inter-clubs projects);

Prerequisites to be a club at the Learning Planet Institute

  • Projects based on science or research or learning or a mix of all 3;
  • A student initiative with at least 2 current Learning Planet Institute' students among a minimum of 3 active members ;
  • Doing at or with the Learning Planet Institute what cannot be done elsewhere (application of the interdisciplinary approach);
  • Projects having an impact on other people than just its members;
  • The club project has to meet at least one of the SDGs goals;
  • Sense of sharing: resource sharing; knowledge sharing; equipment sharing (inter-clubs projects are highly favored);
  • The Project applies a research or scientific approach


Application form

The referee handbook